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How We Handcraft Brushes

We believe makeup brushes are more than just tools, they're extensions of your creativity.

That's why we pour our passion and expertise into crafting exceptional brushes designed to elevate your makeup artistry.

How is a top quality brush born in our factory?

  • 1. Select the bristles

1. Select the bristles

The quality of the bristles determines the finish and effectiveness of one brush. Therefore, choosing the best quality bristles is the first, also very important step in the brush making.

  • 2. Eliminate the extra bristles

2. Eliminate the extra bristles

After the initial selection of high quality bristles, we conduct the second round to get rid of the imperfect bristles, such as those that are too long, broken, or color-problem , to secure the finest quality.

  • 3. Hair weighing & combing

3. Hair weighing & combing

We weigh up the bristles to ensure that the weight and shape of final brushes is consistent. Then we comb the hair with a special comb to make all fibers straight, this can help us get perfect desired hair shapes in next stage.

  • 4. Hair shaping

4. Hair shaping

Hair shaping is the most important step in brush making, which requires great technical skillfulness from the craftsmen.

The bristles are inserted in the frame to provide the suitable vibrations and mix all the bristles into the expected shapes.

  • 5. Bundle the bristles

5. Bundle the bristles

Before removing the hair shape from the frame, the other end of the bristles will be bundled tightly so that the hair shape wont fall apart. This step also lays the foundation for the next step of massaging the shape.

  • 6. Massage the hair shape

6. Massage the hair shape

Shape massaging is performed to get the perfect brush head. This process requires the craftsman to be very experienced and flexible. Too much or too little strength will not create the desired hair shapes.

  • 7. Hair-root cut & inserted in ferrule

7. Hair-root cut & inserted in ferrule

The bottom bristles will be cut neatly so that the hair head can be inserted in the ferrule.

The hair head is put into a ferrule completely with a plastic sheet.

  • 8. Ferrule pressing

8. Ferrule pressing

Ferrule pressing is optional, such as the paddle-shaped brush heads. Others are not necessary. 

  • 9. Hair length confirmation

9. Hair length confirmation

Measure the hair length to make sure it is right as per the PO and that each brush is the same size. 

  • 10. Glue-injection

10. Glue-injection

The glue injection is to fix the brush head and prevent it from falling off. The amount of glue should be moderate. Too much will overflow and too little will not bond firmly.

So this step is a great test of the craftsman's work experience.

After glue injection, put it in a ventilated place to dry for minimum 12 hours.

  • 11. Shape-trimming

11. Shape-trimming

Make the final adjustments to the brush head.

A good craftsman is able to quickly recognize what needs to be adjusted. In their hands, makeup brush is a piece of art work.  

  • 12. Ferrule scraping & re-shaping

12. Ferrule scraping & re-shaping

Before assembling the handles to brush heads, we have a special process for each brush head. That is to use a special tool to scrape ferrule inside round to get the ferrule edge a bit slope-shaped . In this way, it can fit much better with the joint of the handle. Just like 2 triangles form into a rectangle. This helps get a smooth connection of ferrule and handle with no gaps.

After this process, the ferrule bottom will be given another adjustment to ensure its roundness.  

These 2 steps seem not a big of deal, but it matters a lot for the high quality. 

  • 13. Handle assembling & double-check

13. Handle assembling & double-check

The right amount of glue is necessary on the inside edge of the ferrule before assembling.

Because this will ensure the strong connection between ferrule and handle.

After assembling, the brushes should dry for a few hours.

After a few hours’ drying, we will re-check each handle and fine-tune if necessary.

This is to make all the handle work well exactly. 

  • 14. Final check on finished brush

14. Final check on finished brush

We check if there is slight glue overflow on each brush handle and clean it all.

A final inspection will be provided for each finished brush before packaging.

And we never allow a defected brush to be delivered to the client. 


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