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Nick Yang Founder & CEO

Quality and innovation have always been the core values of our business and we will continue that tradition into the future.

— Nick Yang

Founder & CEO

Our History

The story started when Mr.Yang was a boy grew happily in his hometown - CangZhou, China.

His grandfather has been doing cosmetic brush business since 1980s when their hometown started to become the global production center of high quality makeup brushes.

Little Yang spent much of his time in the factory where his grandfather worked and developed a great interest for the small but magic tool that can make people beautiful and happy. A seed of ambition was planted in his young heart, he determined to engage in makeup brush industry in future and bring the business to a higher level.

Mr.Yang studied the major of Business English in a university in BeiJing and learnt Japanese as well there. Besides, he finished the courses of Business Analysis and Marketing Strategy on his own.

After worked one year in a large import&export corporation in BeiJing as an intern, he graduated in 2007 and started his career.

Firstly, Mr.Yang took a gap year in Japan. He went to Kumano, where is the home of top quality handmade makeup brushes, to learn the traditional brush making techniques from several brush factories there. With deeper understanding for brush manufacturing and insights for the beauty industry gained in this trip, he believed quality is the core for this industry and every brush should be handmade with love like a unique piece of art.

After the gap year in Japan, Mr.Yang has worked in a large Korean-own brush factory in CangZhou as a member of operation team since 2008. He learnt a lot there about management, operation, business development and quality control which are necessary to do his own brush business.

With more growth in experience and horizon, in 2010 Mr.Yang founded this company and named it GREEN BRUSH. This company name means we devote to making more beauty happen, but also giving back to people, society and our planet with harmony, safety and sustainability.

In 2011, we built our state-of-the-art brush factory, which blends Japanese brush-making expertise, Korean management and quality control and Chinese manufacturing efficiency.

Quality and Innovation are the most important part of our philosophy and we have been working hard for that over a decade.

We created a production team of the most skillful handcraft artisans with very competitive wages in the industry. We care for our workers and the environment in which they live in.

We set an extremely strict quality control system with QC inspections covering on all processes of materials incoming and each manufacturing steps.

We keep investing 15% of annual turnover at least in R&D every year.

With passion for the ethical treatment of animals and their well-being, we devote to transition the industry from animal hair to synthetic fibers. Our vegan line has been very successful and we are continuing to develop this technology further.

The companies who partner with GREEN BRUSH become more competitive over their competitions because they can get their brushes in quality maximum but cost minimum through our responsible manufacturing and transparent business practices.

Our production capabilities, quality standards and trusted collaboration have made GREEN BRUSH the choice of many premium brands for more than a decade.

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