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Custom Solution

We offer OEM/ODM services to our customer's brands, and the brushes will be fully customized according to the client's requirements in materials, colors, shapes, sizes, etc..

Our goal is to make working with Green Brush a good and easy experience from our first talk to the moment your brushes are in the hands of your consumer.

Please see our collaborative process below, it helps make our cooperation much more efficient and smoother.

The Process of Custom Your brushes

Customization covers all parts of your brushes.

Take your ideas into exclusive design with our wide range of options to set your brushes apart.

Please note that the choices below are just part of what we can offer. If you need more options than these, no problem, talk to our sales and design team. Whatever brushes you need, we can always offer them to you. 

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(1) Brush Hair

This is the soul of a makeup brush.

There are 2 kinds of materials for makeup brush hairs, synthetic fibers and natural bristles. We can offer both in the finest quality.

Synthetic fibers

More and more cosmetics brands choose synthetic fiber for their brushes for the concerns of vegan and budget-friendly.
We use the finest synthetic fiber that are made from top purity PBT filaments with great tips and spring. The vegan brushes we make have the best performance in softness, spring, powder-eating and shape-keeping etc…

Fiber colors can be customized to 1, 2 or 3 tones, multi-colors and natural bristles finished.

We also can offer Eco options like biodegradable fibers(PLA), recycled fibers and charcoal-infused fibers for your sustainable needs.

▶ Natural hairs:

Natural hairs are basically used in the luxurious positioning brands brushes as they are more expensive than synthetic fibers.

Thanks to the natural cuticles on bristles surface, they pick up and deposit products more seamlessly, better to apply and blend all powder products, such as blushes and eyeshadows, to a brilliant and flawless finish than synthetic fibers.

We can offer a variety of fine natural hairs like goat, pony, gray squirrel, badger, raccoon, sable, squirrel, silver fox etc…

Besides, we also can offer mix hair that we blend natural bristles and synthetic fiber in a proper ratio, which cost is lower than natural hair but keep the good performance.

The mix hair got a good balance between price and quality.

introduction of different natural hairs

Goat grade-A

Soft, good powder-eating, resilient and durable, it really work well at creating great color and picking up the proper amount of products.

It is multi-purpose and good to be used in brushes for all powdered makeup products.

Goat grade-A+

A+ goat are the strands selected from a pile of A goat, it has longer bristle tip, softer and better quality.

It is suitable to be used in luxury and professional positioning brushes.

Gray squirrel

Incredibly soft and fine at the tips, gray squirrel hair boasts the smoothest texture you'll ever experience in a makeup brush. This luxurious material makes it incredibly versatile, ideal for brushes for powder, blush, highlighter, and even eyeshadow. It effortlessly distributes just the right amount of product for a natural, sheer finish.


Pony hair has good strength, durability and affordability. soft tips and good blendability makes pony hair a versatile choice for a variety of brushes, from face and cheek to eyeshadow.

It is a perfect pick for those seeking bolder application, shimmery eyeshadows, or seamless blending. 

Pony hair is often combined with softer fibers like goat or squirrel hair for an ideal balance of strength and softness.


sable hair is remarkably resilient and enduring. A dream for makeup artists, it effortlessly picks up just the right amount of product, ensuring flawless color payoff for all types of makeup, from liquid and cream foundations to even powder.  This incredibly versatile material graces a variety of brushes, including lip, eyeliner, concealer, and eyeshadow.

Pine squirrel

While incredibly soft with tapered tips, pine squirrel hair has a slightly less consistent texture throughout the strand. This makes it a perfect choice for shorter bristles, especially in eyeshadow brushes, where it excels at blending and smudging color seamlessly.

However, with meticulous selection and processing, high-quality pine squirrel hair can also be used in longer bristles for blush and highlighter brushes, offering surprising softness for a gentle touch.

Silver fox

Silver fox bristles boast a luxurious softness that rivals gray squirrel hair, yet offer a touch more bounce and durability.  These unique fibers feature captivating ash-brown tips that transition into a base of luminous silver-white, creating a visually stunning brush.

It is good to be used in brushes for powder products.


For ultimate control and definition, badger hair takes center stage. Its inherent stiffness and resilience make it ideal for eye brushes, allowing for precise shaping and application.  Badger hair, with its added flexibility, excels at creating sharp, defined eyeliner looks.

Badger bristles boast a unique profile, starting thicker at the tip and tapering towards the base.


Raccoon hair generally falls on the softer side of natural bristles, but not necessarily the softest. It provides a comfortable touch on the skin.

It offers good durability compared to some softer natural hair types, like squirrel. This allows the brushes to maintain their shape and function well over time.

Raccoon hair can be a good choice for some makeup brushes, particularly those for applying blush and powder products, where a balance of softness, affordability, and durability is desired.

brush hair for your customization

(2) Ferrule

Basically makeup brush ferrules are made of brass or aluminum, we can offer both in the top quality in the industry.

▶ Brass: 

Brass is more expensive than aluminum ferrules, but its texture is obviously better, shiner and looks more luxurious. It is also sturdier and more durable, less prone to bending or warping.

Besides, Brass has a heavier feel, which some users prefer for a sense of quality and control during application.

▶ Aluminum: 

This is a more affordable option than brass. But it offers more design flexibility in colors and finished. For example, you have a similar painted finished like wood handles on aluminum ferrules by the technique of paint-spraying.

We also can offer many unique special ferrule shapes like slanted cutting, triangle, quadrangle and Half Pearl etc…

brush ferrule for your customization


Handles can be made from many different types of wood, metal, plastic, or alternative materials such as corn resin or bamboo, depending on the type of look you want to create.

We can offer all different handle options for your brushes.

Most customers choose the common option of painted wood handles. All the raw woods used for our handles are carefully selected from renewable sources and each our handle is individually sanded and polished to the extreme before receiving 8 generous layers of prime coat and paint perfection.

For some customers’ luxurious projects, we also can offer some more superior woods like walnut or ebony in natural wood finished with great textures.

Regarding sustainable concerns, you can choose bamboo, PLA(made from corn), recycled plastic or aluminum handles.

brush handle for your customization

(4) Logo

The printing on brushes is fully customized including your logo, brush description, article numbers or your slogan.

Silkscreen and hot stamp are the most common printing techniques, the color can be customized.

Besides, we also can offer some special printing like laser or silkscreen on ferrules, rolling-print some patterns on wood handles, laser on wood or aluminum handles.

Logo printing for your customization

(5) Packaging

Make your custom makeup brush attractive to consumers within your target market through our bespoke packaging service.

Our extensive packaging option comes from our superior sourcing with reliable partners and manufacturing capabilities, allowing for a unique box or bag that suits your custom makeup brushes.

brush packaging for your customization

makeup brush bespoke packaging

custome makeup brush with bespoke packaging

We proudly offer a diverse range of supplementary products to enhance your beauty arsenal. From luxurious makeup sponges to precision sponge applicators for eye brushes, our factory is equipped to bring your unique beauty concepts to life. Whether you're seeking seamless blending or precise application, our custom solutions cater to your every need. Let us be your partner in crafting bespoke beauty tools that elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Customizable makeup sponge

custom sponge applicators for eye brushes

Custom your brushes

We expertly listen to your 360° needs for the brush project and create a custom solution to meet your targets from brush hair, ferrule, handle, packaging, timing, budget sustainability, etc.

You'll see the development will be very easy and clear with our professional consulting and guidance provided by our excellent design team.

If you are unsure which hair shapes are best sellers for your line, please go check our list of top-rated hair shapes for each brush type.

Our Best Sellers

If you need us to help do a unique design for your brushes, don't hesitate to get in touch with our designer here by email.

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Green Brush designing custome brushes

Our Strengths


Not all makeup brushes are made the same, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards for everything we do: performance, accountability, and transparency. As a mindful manufacturer, we ensure that anything we design, create, and manufacture is executed at the highest quality. 

Learn about our efforts in quality.


At Green Brush, by using traditional techniques and prioritizing customer needs, brushes are produced to suit various people's needs. We focus on by whom and where the brushes may be used. With a clear product vision, we consider brush characteristics from various angles to achieve customer requirements and thus are in a constant state of innovation.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our products.

As a makeup brush manufacturer focusing on the true needs of makeup artists and beauty lovers on all occasions, the R&D team keeps up with trends and updates to make your business thrive.

Beyond beauty, we are committed to sustainability. We incorporate innovative, eco-friendly materials in our brushes and packaging, minimizing our environmental footprint.

Welcome to the gallery of our new products.

Please see some of our new products.


Q1: What are your areas of expertise?

As a professional makeup brush factory, we provide the solution of private label makeup brush design and manufacturing for premium cosmetics brands.

Q2: What’s your quality positioning?

We only produce high quality makeup brushes, which can meet the quality standard of the famous brands like MAC cosmetics, CHANEL etc…

All brushes we make are totally handcrafted by our skilled brush masters by traditional Japanese techniques, each brush passes a manufacturing process with a minimum of 3o working steps.

Q3: How about the lead time?

Generally, it is around 60 ~ 75 days, depending on the order quantities.

Q4: Do you offer custom designs?

Yes, we custom private label brushes according to our customers specific needs and requirements. Your brushes will be fully customized from brush hair, ferrule, handle and printing to packaging.

Q5: What is your MOQ and lead time?

Our MOQ is 3,000 pieces/per brush.

Generally the lead time is around 55~75 days after deposit’s bank slip.

Q6: Do you offer samples customization? The samples cost and timing?Yes, we can custom samples according to customer’s specific requests. Basically it is free, unless there are some extra costs like molding or machine startup. Generally custom samples can be finished around 2 weeks.

Q7: Do you offer packaging solutions?

Yes, we can offer all different kinds of packaging for single brushes or brush sets. We can do the packing and deliver the completed products to our customers.

Q8: What is your payment term?

30% deposit and the balance before shipment. We are flexible for VIP clients.

Q9: Can you offer more sustainable brushes?

Yes, firstly we keep making efforts to make our manufacturing as sustainable as possible.

We can offer bio-degradable or recycled fibers, ferrules and handles to make your brushes more sustainable.

Q10: Do you provide any additional services?

Yes, we also can offer logistic solution via sea, air, rail and road to the destination ports or even to your door.

Besides, we can help you take and make nice photos of your brushes for your marketing purposes.

Ready to create your custom makeup brush line?

Contact Green Brush to get started on your next best private-label brush solution.

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