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Wheat Straw series

Wheat-straw handle features:

1. Renewable raw materials and wide sources

2. Waterproof and oilproof, high temperature resistance

3. Pulp mold forming, no glue.

4. Compostable and degradable, returning to nature

The production process is high temperature disinfectio and free of waste liquid, 

no harmful gas and waste residue pollution, buried in the soil after use, and naturally degraded into organic fertilizer within 3 months.

Natural renewable plant fiber, for example wheat straw, corn straw, cotton straw, etc., are inexhaustible and inexhaustible, 

not only saving non-renewable petroleum resources, 

but also saving wood and grain resources, and at the same time effectively alleviating farmland burning serious air pollution caused by discarded crops 

and the serious white pollution and damage to the natural and ecological environment caused by plastic waste.

Wheat Straw series


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